Gardening Volunteers of South Texas
Water Saver (Virtual) Landscape Tour
10:00 – 11:30 October 24, 2020

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This free event began in 2002, in partnership with the San Antonio Water System, and sponsorship from the San Antonio River Authority. For the second year we welcome our newest sponsor Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District, who also supports our mission to promote outdoor water conservation through educational outreach within Bexar County communities.

The tour, one of our biggest annual events, showcases impressive yards that do not require much water to remain beautiful. This year’s yards were selected using the following criteria:

• Substantial reduction in grass in the front or side yard
• Beds mulched with leaves, bark or stone
• A variety of plants appropriate to the soil and sunlight conditions
• In the non-grass landscape area, plants cover at least 50%
• Planned and maintained borders between water saving landscape and other areas