2021 Monarch Butterfly Presentation-SABOT

On Oct 6, at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens GVST had the unique opportunity to have Julian Chavez with UTSA present a class that discussed nectar friendly plants, planting a nectar friendly garden, the monarch’s migration and the research UTSA has been conducting in collaboration with the Alamo Area Collaborative. There were seed bombs everyone to take home and the ability to plan a monarch garden utilizing magnetic boards. Julian Chavez is a 2015 UTSA Graduate in the Environmental Science Program. He’s working to preserve the monarch butterfly as a researcher and educator. After completing his degree, Chavez accepted a position as a researcher in the Monarch Milkweed Project, continuing his efforts to protect the monarch butterfly and educate the community about nature and environmental science.

These are pictures taken at the Monarch Butterfly class held at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens with Julian Chavez from UTSA presenting and GVST volunteer, Debarah Wilson assisting with the registration, Magnetic Boards and Seed Bombs.  GVST President, Andrew Waring (orange shirt) was there to make sure we wer e set up and ready to roll!