Resources: Propagating Plants
Essentials of Gardening Class August 16, 2021
Paul Gates


“How to Grow Native Plants of Texas” by Jill Nokes
“Gardening in South Texas” by Renton, Newcomer, and Bates
“Plants for Texas” by Howard Garrett
“Native Texas Plants” by Sally Wasowski

Web sites: San Antonio is in Zone III, area 8.

Dr. Parsons’ Fall Direct Seeding Guide:

Dr. Parsons’ Earthkind Spring Planting Guide:

The viewable Propagation Manual for the University of Maine:

A free downloadable & savable document from Washington State University about planting and propagating bulbs, tubers, rhizomes, etc.

Texas Master Gardeners, planting vegetable seeds:

Texas A&M, how to plant and grow vegetables:

Download Fanick’s 2021 Gardening Calendar:

Grafting and Budding:
Free downloadable publication “Propagating of Plants by Budding and Grafting:

Viewable Faculty document, “Principles of Grafting and Budding:”